Three Shout Outs and Two Notes

  • Shout Out 1:  To my friend Lauren, who became engaged whilst vacationing in Savannah. Yay!!!
  • Shout Out 2: To my friend Jess, who is tying the knot in a few hours here in New York. Yay!!! I am honored to be serving as black-clad bridesmaid.
  • Shout Out 3: To Jan and Lew, who celebrated their 37th anniversary on June 20th. Yay!!!
  • Note 1: You may or may not have noticed that of late, I’ve been even less prolific than I usually am. That is due to a combination of laziness, malaise and nightmarish conditions at work. We are preparing for a massive trade show in Texas, and sadly, it may be a little while longer before I can return to bi-weekly bloggery.
  • Note 2: I have asked my sister Jamie to serve as guest blogger. She has at least two highly entertaining tales to share, and I think I have trained her well. Please stay tuned, and enjoy.
Three Shout Outs and Two Notes

2 thoughts on “Three Shout Outs and Two Notes

  1. Fair thee well until you return.

    Farethee well?

    I’ve never actually written that phrase, but you know what I mean.

    Thanks. I think as long as you don’t say “fartee well,” you’re in the clear!

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