Clay Aiken is WHAT?!

I do have another post in the works, but for now, I felt it was my moral responsibility to comment on a Reuters headline I just noticed. Spoiler alert! I mean really, be warned: it’s a shocker. Sit down. Hoo boy, you did NOT see this coming. The headline said: CLAY AIKEN TO REVEAL HE IS GAY

Now, I just want to make three quick points. Point 1: seriously. This is something that needs to be REVEALED?! Point 2: pretending, for the moment, that it ever crossed our minds Clay Aiken might NOT be gay, doesn’t such a headline do all the revealing FOR him?  Point 3: During David Blaine’s 60-hour hanging stint in Central Park (which, I have just learned, is actually NOT continuous but rather, peppered with 15-minute upright breaks), he has to pee upside down. Just putting that out there.

Clay Aiken is WHAT?!

3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken is WHAT?!

  1. maleesha says:

    HA! This was great, because like you said, the headline is pointless. I read this on CNN and expected the byline to be “Written by Captain Obvious”

  2. I agree with your assessment of these two news items. On the 1 – 10 scale from boring as crap to interesting as hell, Clay Aiken’s gayness is a 2 but David Blaine peeing upside down is an 8.5.

    Absolutely! One is the total opposite of “news” and one is creepily fascinating!

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