Guest Blogger: My Lil Sis!

Warning To All Loyal Fans of The Letter T:

The following blog entry (coming soon) has been drafted by a guest blogger (T’s younger sister J).  Miss T has not previewed this post. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this entry will provide the same level of humor and wit our readers have been accustomed to. If this poses a potential problem for you, management of this site encourages you to check back on Monday when Miss T returns from her vacation and we return to our regular scheduled programming.


Miss J

Guest Blogger: My Lil Sis!

One thought on “Guest Blogger: My Lil Sis!

  1. Howie says:

    Miz J hellow it iz howee and looloo we ar sitteeng with miz t how ar yoo yay yoo gest blogged!!! we wish yoo wir heer too! rit mor yoo ar funnee bi lov howee and looloo

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