Army Wives & Husband

Random questions:

1) Am I the only person on earth who watches Army Wives?

  • If you answered “No” because you or someone you know watches it as well, please proceed to questions #2 and #3. If you answered “Yes,” shut your piehole.  

2) Were you at all disturbed by the end of the season opener???  

3) Is anyone on that base going to acknowledge the fact that the Holdens’ younger daughter is not even remotely the same younger daughter they had earlier the same day?

4) Roland is hardly an army WIFE. Sheesh.

5) For the love of GOD, Roxy. Why can’t you just clean your house?

Thank you. This concludes tonight’s edition of “Random Questions.”

Army Wives & Husband

3 thoughts on “Army Wives & Husband

  1. Lauren says:

    Melissa and I are Army Wives fans! Somehow we missed the finale and haven’t seen it yet this season. The Major is a fool!

    I am so excited to hear that!!!! We must discuss. But more important, an official Letter T congrats on your betrothal!!!!

  2. I have never seen this show…I’m counting on borrowing it from my mother (who does watch the show) when she inevitably buys season 1.

    It’s cheezy but GOOD! And quite interesting, actually.

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