May 2, 1972

If you’ve been to Facebook this morning, you know that today, I am 25 years and approximately 4,015 days old.  In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share with you some of the other defining events of May 2, 1972.

  • 91 people die in Idaho’s Sunshine Mine Disaster (Idaho? No, YOU da ho’!)
  • J. Edgar Hoover croaks
  • Nixon and Kissinger hold a secret meeting to discuss possible Vietnam exit strategies
  • On what appears to have been a busy day for Nixon, the president also signs the first proclamation of National Hunting and Fishing Day
  • Indiana holds its Democratic primary
  • The University of Oregon names associate German professor Edward Diller the new dean of its Honors College
  • And last but certainly not least … Dwayne Howard Johnson (b.k.a. “The Rock”) is born in Hayward, CA
May 2, 1972

4 thoughts on “May 2, 1972

  1. DaveInAlbany says:

    Dick and Hank really wanted to go hunting in Saigon and fishing in Phnom Phen, but they just couldn’t work it out.
    Happy Day! -DIA

  2. Happy Birthday! On that day, I was probably staring dreamily out the window of Grade 7 class, butonly when I wasn’t staring at the girl who sat beside me in the row to my right.

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