A Moment of Silence

It is a sad day here at my office.  Katy, Marketing Manager extraordinaire, has officially left for greener pastures.  Even the lavish array of Blue Dog brownies, lemon squares and pecan thingies at her going-away bash were no comfort. They were, however, damn good.  I shan’t reveal Katy’s age, but suffice it to say, I am an old geezer next to her.  Despite my alleged professional experience and her youth, she often acted as my mentor, teaching me all there is to know about the company, supporting me through various personal and professional crises, explaining new-fangled technology to me, sharing her excellent vegetarian culinary ideas, acting as my biggest fan, and faithfully reading this blog (from home, of course — NEVER at work).  Wise beyond her years, witty, worldly and kind, she is bound for success. And yes, I have put this all in a LinkedIn reference.  Now, I will conduct my own personal moment of silence in honor of Katy. Sniff sniff. I am faklempt!

A Moment of Silence

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