A Nostalgic Moment


I’d like to take this opportunity to honor a product that has a very special place in my heart: the vintage TrapperKeeper by Mead.  Pictured above is an image of said product in its 1980s heyday.  Just a few minutes ago, Mead’s Marketing Director rang me at work to discuss a possible partnership with my company.  She spent a few minutes sharing the details of her plans, explaining the mutual benefits, telling me how wonderful our content is, and providing me with her schedule for the next few weeks so that we could set up a meeting. She was professional, courteous and pleasant. But what she was saying went in one ear and out the other.  From the moment she identified herself and her place of employment, I was lost in reverie, transported back to 1984.  I smelled the stiff plastic that served as the TrapperKeeper’s DNA. I felt the crisp, empty pages of the lined pad that waited inside, and the plastic zipper-type device that sealed the frosted baggie/pencil holder. I remembered the sensation of writing — usually about Simon LeBon and John Taylor — in pen on the vinyl of the inside cover. And then of pulling the plastic rings open and snapping them closed. 

Really, the TrapperKeeper was the Blackberry of its day — a portable, all-in-one office with velcro closure.  I decided to find out what the product looked like today, if it even existed.  And it does! But it’s much slicker and less appealing than the classic model you see here.  It’s shiny and Jetson-esque.  It probably talks.  Your TrapperKeeper is ajar.  Are you SURE you want to rip that page off the pad?  Approaching locker; please slow down.  Your folders are about to expire.  Would you like to choose some new folders? It was nice to see, though, that Mead has included, on the product web site, side by side photos of today’s TrapperKeeper and the one of yore, which they refer to as the “Old School” model.   You can visit www.trapperkeeper.com to see for yourself.

Immediately after hanging up with the Mead chick, I passed along her contact information to our “Biz Dev” team, explaining that even if this was the worst proposal in the history of mankind, we simply HAD to team up with Mead soley because we’d all get free TrapperKeepers.  Mmmm, TrapperKeepers.

A Nostalgic Moment

2 thoughts on “A Nostalgic Moment

  1. MichelleW says:

    I went searching and searching for a trapper keeper last year when I was putting together a notebook of pregnancy/baby-related stuff. I knew — neurotic as I am — that I would end up carrying that notebook everywhere with me, so I wanted something that would hold everything inside. But I couldn’t find it anywhere I looked. I got the trapper folders, but without a nice sealed notebook in which to keep it, stuff kept falling out. I might have to run out and find one of these gems now, just ’cause.

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