Wheaten Rescue


A real entry is in the works, I swear!

But for now I wanted to share this photo from today’s New York Post.  Behold Client 9 (aka E. Spitzer) walking his WHEATEN TERRIER, James.  I am not a lawyer, nor do I work for the Department of Social Services or the ASPCA. But I think that if one is a married governor and one is stupid enough to repeatedly patronize an escort service, one should lose the privilege of parenting a dog of this caliber. James cannot possibly be thriving in the tense environment of the Spitzer household, and frankly, I am worried about him.  Who knows what kind of long-term damage the scandal has done to his delicate canine psyche?  Do you really think Silda is thinking about his Snausage intake at a time like this? I do not. Out of the goodness of my heart, I volunteer to be James’ foster mom.

Wheaten Rescue

4 thoughts on “Wheaten Rescue

  1. I’m not defending Spitzer, but as a former social worker I know that children still love their bad parents. I just hope the Snausage neglect is kept to a minimum.

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