Special Guest Bloggers: Howie & LuLu


 Greetings from Dallas! I am coming to you live from the gorgeous new abode of my dear friends Dave and Rob, who saved my life in Philadelphia. In honor of my visit, I have invited their Wheaten Terriers Howie and LuLu — my god-dogs — to guest blog. These fuzzy guest bloggers appear above (LuLu is on the left, Howie on the right.) Their spelling isn’t quite at grade-level, so I will translate at the end of the entry.

Deer frendz uv Miz T’s blog hellow

Miz T is viziteeng uss frum noo york and wee ar reel iksytid too see hir! shee yooziz deelishis keelz produkts and wee lik to lick hir fayss.  wee skratcht hir armz wen wee huggd hir sow now shee looks lik uh kuttur.  she brawt ar dadz taystee treets frum noo york and shee sez wee kan hav sum evin iff wee ar not uhlowd. wee got to gow too wuttubergir and wee stuk ar hedz owt thu window then wee peed. yoo kan probublee smell miz t’s unyin breth frum wair yoo ar. miz t will tri to tip mor shee iz tird bekooz hir playn was layt.

Bi Lov Howie and LooLoo 


Dear Friends of Miss T’s blog hello

Miss T is visiting us from New York and we are real excited to see her! She uses delicious Kiehl’s products and we like to lick her face. We scratched her arms when we hugged her so now she looks like a cutter. She brought our dads tasty treats from New York and she says we can have some even if we are not allowed. We got to go to Whattaburger and we stuck our heads out the window then we peed. You can probably smell Miss T’s onion breath from where you are. Miss T will try to type more she is tired because her plane was late.

Bye Love Howie and LuLu

Special Guest Bloggers: Howie & LuLu

3 thoughts on “Special Guest Bloggers: Howie & LuLu

  1. I am so honored! It is so nice to have a fan. Your blog was quite entertaining as well — I shall return to read more. LOL — Howie was definitely the typer! He’s the more poignant of the two.

  2. Just in from “That’s What She Blogged”. Her endorsement of your blog got me curious, so I asked her for a link to your blog, and I’m so happy she gave it to me.

    I read through everything on your from page last night, and returned today to poke around some more. You’re writing is very funny/witty and quite enjoyable.

    I’ve added you to my must read list and will be back often. Anyway, now I’m off to snoop around.

    By the way, which dog was doing the typing and which was doing the dictating? Just wondering. 😉

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