Speedy Delivery

A quick note to say that I just met — and posed for a photo with AND received an autographed headshot from — one of the greatest American public television icons.  No, not Cookie Monster (much to my dismay). Or Grover. Or Bill Moyers. Or the Thomson’s gazelle that is off in the distance, stalking its prey in every episode of Nature.  I am talking about best mailman on the small screen: one Mr. McFeely of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame! Enhancing the impact of this encounter — which took place at the aforementioned “Teaching &  Learning Celebration” — is the fact that Mr. McFeely spelled my first name correctly. Poor Mr. McFeely — such an unfortunate name for a character on a children’s show.

Speedy Delivery

One thought on “Speedy Delivery

  1. Heino says:

    Mr. McFeely is a very good speller. It helps him gain the trust of his victims.

    Speaking of victims, I once saw a Thompson’s Gazelle kill and devour a lion. Boy, that was a bizarre day in the neighborhood.

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