I’m Still Here


 A quick reassurance for the three people who read “The Letter T”:   I have not given up yet!

Until I have time and the psychic energy to craft an official post, here are a few highlights from the week.

  • Madeline’s, vendor of the French macaroons made famous in this blog, is temporarily closed! The bakery is relocating to a new space just a few doors down, but isn’t open in the meantime. Bastards! We’re dying! 
  • H is on his way to Brazil and I miss him.
  • I spent today and will spend the next two days at the third annual “Teaching & Learning Celebration,” presented by my beloved alma mater, Thirteen/WNET. At this conference, I am neither teaching, nor learning, nor celebrating. I am merely standing on my feet in a t-shirt adorned with the head of an orange robot. But, I might get to meet Jane Goodall, and I get to see Deirdre, who used to have the spacious window cube in back of me.  http://www.thirteencelebration.org/
  • After we set up the “Celebration” booth today, K and I went to Takashimaya for tea! We’re fancy.
  • The Knoxville News Sentinel sucked the life out of me on Tuesday.  http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2008/mar/05/dads-complaint-ends-home-access-to-online-text/
  • I went to Bloomingdale’s today as well, to return my broken Alex Woo necklace. With my refilled B’dale’s gift card, I purchased very swank Tory Burch sneaker-ballet flats (see above). Please note the appealing patent leather trim and tweed canvas body. Can I pull these off? Probably not. But they will look very nice in my closet.

I bid you adieu now to wash my greasy tresses and remove the chipping Lady Godiva nail polish from  my fingers.



I’m Still Here

One thought on “I’m Still Here

  1. trackellalouise says:

    Argh…the article in the Knoxville News Sentinel just sucked the life out of me, as well. I actually lived about an hour away from Oak Ridge until last year.

    Back in the “olden days”, before the internet, geeky kids such as myself just looked stuff up in the encyclopedia. I have to wonder if this parent censors what his child reads in book form as well as electronically. Sad.

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