Welcome to “The Letter T”

February 2008

Welcome to my new blog, “The Letter T!”

I shall use this virgin post as if it were an empty notebook page on which I am testing a very satisfying new pen.  I fully understand that I am talking to myself right now.

I am not yet sure what I will do with this blog. It may be a chronicle of the many, many things that annoy, chafe, irk, irritate and/or induce bitterness in me.  Or, it may be the place where I attempt to actually write — it seems less menacing than a blank Word document for some reason.  Most likely though, it will be a place I visit obsessively for a few weeks and then forget about.  In any event, I will do my best to protect the names of the guilty.

I chose this color theme because, when viewed on my home computer, it reminded me of the Sea Green and Melon Crayola crayons I loved as a child. On other computers, the Sea Green parts are clearly Sky Blue, but either way, it’s nostalgic.

I chose the name “The Letter T” because “Spot of T” was taken.  I wanted the name of this high-profile blog to include my initial, and I liked that “The Letter T” has, on occasion, brought “Sesame Street” to you.  


Welcome to “The Letter T”